YouTube: Sanilavo Automatic Dispenser UD-450


SARAYA is proud to announce the release of
the new washroom amenity lineup, Sanilavo.
We have showcased the lineup in exhibitions
such as ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam, 2014,
and received a favorable reception.
We are very pleased that we can finally release
Sanilavo was created for usability with a sense
for modern interior design.
This compact lineup is a complete solution for
changing any washroom into a hygienic and
comfortable space.
The amenities feature a prominent black and
white pattern reminiscent of Japanese brush
strokes and its hand written logo made by a
popular calligrapher, Mariko Kinoshita, adds
both restrained and expressive impression.
Please visit our Sanilavo website at
to learn more about the lineup.

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